Welcome to my blog, which one day, hopefully, should be filled with wonderful handmade card ideas! My goal is to create a blog with ideas for some easy, 'make-able' cards for you to take inspiration from! (It's what I've always needed to help me!)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I'm sorry for being such a stranger and not uploading in a whole month, but I've been busy with school work and exams :/ At least I've finally got round to uploading the Mother's Day card I made for my mum this year!
I used a 13.5cm X 13.5 cm plain cream card, with a baby pink paper stuck on top. I used the no. 37 lacé to make the tulips. I've never done a lacé before, and although the card was very simple, I spent so long just looking at it, scared to make a start that it took me ages!
Again, I am very sorry for disappearing for so long, and I promise I will be posting again very soon :)