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Monday, 23 April 2012

Josh's 18th Birthday

Here's my second post for today...
And it's going into Di's Snippet Challenge, because I managed to use some papers that I could never seem to find a way to use up :)
I've always had trouble finding ideas for males, and I have to say that my Mum came up with the idea for this one!
So my cousin, Josh, is very into his music, and is a very good music journalist, and I thought I should make a special card for his 18th this weekend! And I also managed to use up some of my plain bits of paper, and quite a bit of gold string!
The card was plain white - 26 x 10cm - And I did a guitar shaped 8 and a guitar neck shaped 1. the 8 was just plain blue, thick paper and the 1 was plain red. I stuck black pieces of card under the holes in the guitar body.I cut the head out of plain brown paper too. I used 6 gold strings and stuck small pieces of card over the top of the ends to neaten it up a little.

Mum's Birthday 2012

Grr.. I've done it again, and not posted in over a month! I apologise, and therefore I am going to post twice today!
My first card is one that I did a little while ago, for my Mum's Birthday.
I used a plain white 7 x 14 cm card for this one. I found two pieces of 6.5 x 6.5 acetate and sponged orange and pink watercolour paints in the flower shape on to them. I stuck the middle of the orange one straight on to the card, then stuck the pink one on top with a foam pad. I then found a 'pearl' cabochon and stuck that on top. I used watercolours to paint the stem and leaves.
It was quite a simple card really, but my mum loved it :) I found he acetate just lying around, and my G'ma had the Cabochon, so it was easy to find the 'ingredients' too :)