Welcome to my blog, which one day, hopefully, should be filled with wonderful handmade card ideas! My goal is to create a blog with ideas for some easy, 'make-able' cards for you to take inspiration from! (It's what I've always needed to help me!)

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Sorry that I've been AWOL recently, I've been working on another project!

Head over to www.carysl.co.uk/wordpress to see what I've been up to, but here's a few to get you over there!

So go, go,go! And if you're interested... Don't forget to order one! :)

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Last Christmas...

I was so busy at the end of last year, that I didn't manage to get all my cards uploaded, so I thought I'd take the opportunity, seeing as this afternoon's school was canceled because of the snow!
So this is one of last year's cards, which used up a very nice amount of snippets!

I used some papers that I bought the year before, but had never managed to use. I took a blank card and stuck the green paper (you can see below) straight on to it. Out of the red paper I cut 4 square holes, and put some green card on the flaps to strengthen them.

Onto the green paper that was still visible I stuck the four 'Christmassy' things, Santa, bells, a present and a robin.
On top of the four flaps I then stuck some holly paper, followed by a red edged circle and the letters. I already had the christmas tree sticker.

I do have a question for you all now:
I was thinking about making some pictures, framed similar to the one I made back in July for Sonny (which you can see here). Though I've got some really good ideas, none of them seem right for my friends of family... so do you, or anyone you know want to buy any framed work or wooden engraving? Or do you know any ways I could find people who would like to buy them? Thanks for your help :)

Sunday 13 January 2013

Thank You Card

This may not sound many, but I reached 1000 pageviews this week, which means I completed last years resolution! So it seems that this card is very appropriate:
It's that time of the year to send out Thank You cards, this one is for my Godmother. I started with a blank purple card. Although you may not be able to see it very well, there is a white butterfly with gold swirls stuck straight onto the card. I also found the purple dotted paper in my snippets box, and cut a smaller butterfly from that, which was stuck on with foam pads. I cut the shape at the bottom from another blank purple card, and then stuck the smaller piece of white card on top, which I stamped the 'Thank You' on with gold ink. All that was then stuck with foam pads. A nice simple one today!!
I should also say thank you for the suggestions of how to stick buttons on, I will try them all out and decide which is the best! :)

Sunday 6 January 2013

Sonny's 1st Birthday


I got a little busy towards the end of last year, and there were a few cards I didn't manage to post, so hopefully I'll get round to it soon!
I cannot believe that my cousin's going to be 1 in a week, last year flew by! So I've not been back from holiday long but I've been busy making this card, which I'm taking to the Playground with me!

I started by cutting the train shape from plain brown paper, and then the blue and white shape, which was glued on top. I then cut a small square for the window. I cut the top shape from plain orange paper, and then used my finger to add some browny-orange paint for effect. This was then stuck on with foam pads so it was raised. I did the steam by cutting some circles out of white paper and again painting it on with my finger. I stuck all of this onto some plain cream card and cut around it, with the fold being the left hand straight edge, and cut around the bit that sticks out at the top of the cab. I found some buttons and stuck them on with PVA glue, but I'm never sure how well the glue works, have any of you got any suggestions of ways to stick buttons on?!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas :)

Monday 17 December 2012

Christmas Tag No. 7

Hmmm... It seems I get so many more ideas when I'm supposed to be doing other work, than when I'm not! But with me off on holiday on Saturday I went in to speedy crafter mode this weekend!
I finally used up a piece of backing card that's been with my other snippets since last year, and I'd never had the chance to use it! Soooo.... I'm going to pop by the swings at the Playground :) Quite simply, I cut out the holly shapes from some plain green card and drew the line on with green pencil. I stuck them on with foam sticky pads. I found the three berries, sequins, and stuck them on top with some slightly taller sticky foam pads... Pretty simple really :)

Friday 7 December 2012

Cafe de Paris

The theme this year is Socks in the City... which probably doesn't mean anything to you, so let me explain. For a good ten years now, we've gone to France with the family, a total of 11 of us to begin with, with additions along the way, and now we've grown to 15! As there's little space in the car we decided to buy themed presents, so everyone buys everyone else a present to do with their theme. This has ranged from, all 10 presents having to fit in a shoebox (which was decorated), each present fitting in an envelope, colours, numbers, having to fit it in a buttertub and star signs. This year, each present has to fit inside a sock, as well as having something to do with a city, mine is Monte Carlo.
Now I've got the explanation out the way,  can show you this:

This is going to hold the voucher for one of the presents, with the gap in the middle showing the voucher. I used colour pencils for the sign and then used glitter for the writing. Quite simple really! But at least now you can start thinking about the difficulties I've been having with my shopping.... how many female presents can you think of that fit in a sock and relate to Monte Carlo?! :)

Christmas Tag No. 6

OK, so I'm now halfway through the tags at least! Well, now the exams have finished I can do those in the next couple of weeks (hopefully!). And I'm going to pop to the Playground with this, show the girls what I've made :)

I used up some a Christmas paper that my sister bought me last year, I have a problem where I don't want to use them because they're so nice! I found a word that was in two places, which was the dotted Christmas, and cut the front rectangle so the top had about half of it on there. I then made pouch out of thin white card and stuck that to the back. For the insert, I cut a 'T' shape, making sure that the Christmas was going to align with the bottom. I then stuck some plain white card over that, for me to write on. The insert then slots in to the pouch on the back of the first rectangle. I also added the ribbon, which I stuck on with double sided tape.

(Please check out some of the other Christmas tags I've made, whilst you're here!)