Welcome to my blog, which one day, hopefully, should be filled with wonderful handmade card ideas! My goal is to create a blog with ideas for some easy, 'make-able' cards for you to take inspiration from! (It's what I've always needed to help me!)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Henna's Birthday - February 2012

I had a brainstorming session to help me come up with the idea, with thoughts from good looking men to chocolate to food in general. I decided to go with food and thought the appropriate food would be cake, soGoogled around a bit to try and find myself an idea or two, and I came up with this:
I just used a plain, cream, 13.5x13.5 card, and used plain white card for the actual cake, with two pieces for the fancy bits around the top. The hearts on the bottom layer are just coloured in using a mixture of red pencils, and then I did the outline to them in gold pen. I didn't have any nice red hearts amongst my bits and bobs, so I had to settle with some random purple hearts, and I used PVA glue to coat them with glitter. The candles are done with a dark red paint, with thin lines of red glitter to give them some shape, and the candle flames are done with one of my favourite crafty things of all time, my glitter glue pens! I don't think they're even called that, I think they are called 3D paints or something, and I got my first set AGES ago for Christmas probably when I was about 8 or 9! Unfortunately, my set dried up, remember I was only young when I got them, and I've been searching for some more for ages, and the only ones you can find are aimed at young children, but they are amazing and really bring the cards to life!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's Day No. 2

I've had lots of people coming to see my blog this week, with special thanks to Di, who's helped venture out in to the blog world via the use of the Snippets Playground! It seems that most of the people who have popped in have made comments about my wardrobe cards, which, if they where MUCH more simple to make, I would continue making them, but I may have to leave it for a while!
Anyway, back to this post, after doing bits of this card all week, but never actually putting in the effort to finish it, I decided I should sort that out this afternoon. So, after watching the rugby, and then calming down a bit after Wales won, I headed upstairs to finish this one off and photograph it.
Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit for this one, as I did use an idea from a very handy little book that I got this Christmas called 'The Ultimate Cardmaker' and the card was called Heart of Gold. I used an edge cutter on a white card, with the same metallic gold card as the hearts are, behind it. I then just used a plain white/see through ribbon, tied it at the top and let one end fall down. I threaded on the 3 beads and put a tiny bit of PVA glue on the last bead just to make sure it didn't fall off, although they were quite tightly put on there. The othere end of the ribbon I cut short and stuck it on the inside of the card with a bit of double sided tape.
I then made an envelope using plain white thin card, rounded off the edges, and then used the same edge cutter on the envelope and stuck a bit more metallic card behind.

It was quite a simple card to make, but, as with a lot of the cards I make, I got towards the end and was scared to go on in case I ruined what I'd already done! We'll see what the reactions to the cards are on Tuesday :) 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Wow! I've not been on here long, and I've been given an award!! Thank you so much Andria at Iona-Rose, it means a lot for you to help me get out into the 'world of blogging'! :)
My only problem being, is that as I am so new at the moment, I haven't yet found 5 followers :| SO... I guess I will have to wait! But, I will at some stage find 5 people who inspire me and will be sure to pass on the award :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Challenge Number 6 - VALENTINES DAY

With Valentine's day coming up, and orders coming in from my Mum and Dad (yes, they want me to make the cards to give to each other!) I thought I should start making them now, and then I wouldn't have to stay up late the night before to get them finished! I was also encouraged by Di to give the Snippets Playground a go, so I thought I should combine the two!!
I got together all the bits of exciting red paper and card that I could find, and I also stamped some plain pieces of paper (the hearts on gold, and the black Winnie the Poohs on red) because although I thought I had a lot of different papers in red, it seems I may have 'over-exaggerated' my thinking!! 
I then cut out the heart shape from my main card using my new craft knife :) I cut down all my 'snippets' to size and wove them (once they decided they would behave!!) I stuck another piece of the same card behind the snippets to make the inside look more professional. I used double sided tape to stick the thin gold ribbon to the top and bottom!
Once the papers decided to behave themselves it was quite an easy card to make, although it still took a couple of hours! I think I'm going to give this one to my Mum, so she can give it to my Dad (if that makes sense!) because it seems more masculine than the other card I had in mind (Which I will post up once I've finished!) 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Sonny - January 2012

So my last upload was of Sean's birthday card. This January my cousin and him had a baby boy called Sonny and this is the card I made to 'welcome him to the world'!
I decided to make him a card similar to the one I'd made for his Dad's Birthday, I used a baby grow and I little T-Shirt instead of the jumper and trousers, And then I did some toys that a young child would have too. I also did a large teddy instead of the golf clubs. The baby grow, T-Shirt and teddy were all raised again and yes, those are mini coat hangers that the clothes are on just as some extra detail!! 
There's a close up of the teddy bear, and you can see I just used normal coloured pencils and did the outlines in a darker brown.
 I loved making this card because of all the little parts, so cute! But, again, it took so long! It got quite tedious towards the end but I was so proud of it when I'd finished, and the little boys parents loved it too! The hard work paid off again then!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sean's Birthday - December 2011

I made this one towards the end of last year, but I have to say I am unbelievably proud of it! I made it for my cousin, Sean who turned 41, and he loves lots of sports.
It's all done with coloured pencils, and, other than the books, all the little bits are done on other card and stuck on. The jumper, trousers, tennis ball, golf clubs and cricket bat are stuck on with some VERY useful foam pads, which are about 0.5cm x 0.5cm, and are sticky on both sides to give a raised look. The doors folded shut to reveal a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the doors. But, by far my favourite part of this card, were the little coat hangers! I got some ordinary electricians wire (From my Dad!) and stripped it back, or you could use soldering wire or if there is actually crafting wire?! But any way! And I made a small triangle, with the two ends continued on quite far, bent one of the ends straight upwards, and twisted the other one around it. I then bent the top round and cut off the extra bits!

I think this card took me a solid 4 hours, and it got quite tedious towards the end but the end product was SO lovely that it was utterly worth while! The next post is another one I'm incredibly proud of, and it's very very similar too!

Christmas Cards

Haven't made many cards since Christmas, but I think I did make 25+ cards over the season, and was a bit pooped by the time I finished!
This is a photo of one of my favourites, I gave it to my Grandma!
It was quite a simple make, I drew out the shape, spread PVA glue over the reindeer (mainly in small sections it didn't dry too fast!) and heavily sprinkled the gold glitter over the top. I left a gap where the nose needed to go, and used red glitter for that bit instead. The eyes were only done with pen, but I couldn't find anything to make small eyes, and I just used a small, plain white ribbon and tied it in a bow for round the neck. The card measured  12.5cm x 12.5cm.