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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

See you soon :)

So that was a few posts to keep you updated on what I'm making, there's a couple more things that I need to take photos of before I upload them, but that will have to wait... I'm off on holiday on Thursday.. Monte Carlo, Tuscany and then onto Roma, all in two weeks... Ciao Ciao :) x

Sonny's Christening Present

As well as a card, I made some of Sonny's Christening present too, and I will tell you now, it was not painless!

I bought the frame and lots of blue buttons, though it could be in any colour really. I printed off an 'S' shape and arranged the buttons in a random order in that shape. We then realised that PVA glue may not hold the buttons to the card for very long, and the only other thing we had to hand was a hot glue gun... so that's what we used. I managed to burn my fingers several times, especially when the glue came through the holes in the buttons, and spent AGES getting all the stringy glue bits off, but it was worth it, and the frame looked lovely :)

Sonny's Christening Card

So you may have seen the Wardrobe Card that I made back in January for my newborn 2nd cousin, well it was recently Sonny's Christening and this is the card I made...

It was a bit of simple painting for this one.. I made the template on the computer and printed it off. This meant I could cut out some parts and use it to stop and paint issues. I sponged the red bus shape on to the card, and used a paint brush and grey paint for the stairs, the driver and his name. I also found some big brown buttons and stuck them on the front... I did want to make the buttons go round but I was running out of time and didn't manage to think of a simple way for that to work, but oh well, his parents LOVED it  :)

Father's Day 2012

It's been too long, I know! There's even been cards that I've forgotten to photograph and had to ring people up and ask them to send me some pictures! I must sort it out!

A card that I made a long time ago now, was for Father's Day...

So it was another simple card to make, I just cut the card so that the front had the collar on it, I made that by just folding it down. I didn't have any striped paper, so printed dark blue stripes on to some plain light blue paper. I stuck an extra bit of striped paper down the front to give it more of a shirt style look. I used the left over white card and stuck it to another piece of striped paper for the pocket, and stuck buttons down the front. Before sticking the pieces of paper on, I folded down the edges slightly to make it more realistic.
Quite simple really :)