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Friday, 7 December 2012

Cafe de Paris

The theme this year is Socks in the City... which probably doesn't mean anything to you, so let me explain. For a good ten years now, we've gone to France with the family, a total of 11 of us to begin with, with additions along the way, and now we've grown to 15! As there's little space in the car we decided to buy themed presents, so everyone buys everyone else a present to do with their theme. This has ranged from, all 10 presents having to fit in a shoebox (which was decorated), each present fitting in an envelope, colours, numbers, having to fit it in a buttertub and star signs. This year, each present has to fit inside a sock, as well as having something to do with a city, mine is Monte Carlo.
Now I've got the explanation out the way,  can show you this:

This is going to hold the voucher for one of the presents, with the gap in the middle showing the voucher. I used colour pencils for the sign and then used glitter for the writing. Quite simple really! But at least now you can start thinking about the difficulties I've been having with my shopping.... how many female presents can you think of that fit in a sock and relate to Monte Carlo?! :)

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