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Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Tag No. 6

OK, so I'm now halfway through the tags at least! Well, now the exams have finished I can do those in the next couple of weeks (hopefully!). And I'm going to pop to the Playground with this, show the girls what I've made :)

I used up some a Christmas paper that my sister bought me last year, I have a problem where I don't want to use them because they're so nice! I found a word that was in two places, which was the dotted Christmas, and cut the front rectangle so the top had about half of it on there. I then made pouch out of thin white card and stuck that to the back. For the insert, I cut a 'T' shape, making sure that the Christmas was going to align with the bottom. I then stuck some plain white card over that, for me to write on. The insert then slots in to the pouch on the back of the first rectangle. I also added the ribbon, which I stuck on with double sided tape.

(Please check out some of the other Christmas tags I've made, whilst you're here!)

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  1. Wow Carys, so carefully worked out and a lovely result. Grinning about your sock theme for the Christmas gifts - rather you than me :) Hugs, Di xx


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