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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sonny's Christening Present

As well as a card, I made some of Sonny's Christening present too, and I will tell you now, it was not painless!

I bought the frame and lots of blue buttons, though it could be in any colour really. I printed off an 'S' shape and arranged the buttons in a random order in that shape. We then realised that PVA glue may not hold the buttons to the card for very long, and the only other thing we had to hand was a hot glue gun... so that's what we used. I managed to burn my fingers several times, especially when the glue came through the holes in the buttons, and spent AGES getting all the stringy glue bits off, but it was worth it, and the frame looked lovely :)

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  1. Carys, this is absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely personal Christening gift that will be a treasured possession for a long time! Have a fabulous holiday!


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