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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Brioni's Birthday

My third 'catch-up' post for today!
I have to say, this could be one of my top cards this year :) It was my sister's birthday this June, and obviously she expects the best of my cards, so I put a lot of effort in, I think it paid off!

Hmm... Not sure how much good the photo gives it, but I'm sure you can believe me! So I used a cream card with the cake stand being gold paper. I used up loads of checked paper I had lying around, so I think this may qualify for The Playground (I know, it's been WAY too long!). I did the cakes with plain paper, so that it fits more-or-less with the cupcake case (ie not just a small dome, more of a dome with a bit sticking out the bottom! I then cut out the cases and stuck them on top, and then arranged them on the cake stand. I added a small dot of plain glitter-glue on the top of each... the cherry on the cake :)
So it seems quite simple writing it down now, but I assure you, it took TOO long!


  1. What beautiful cupcakes. Can you bring some into the playground for us to have with our milk.please! Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Fabulous card Carys - I'm sure it took a lot of making. Watch out that the playmates don't have you bringing real cupcakes along!


  3. Hi Carys . . . super looking cupcake card. I've got Nutella sarnies . . . so we can have a picnic. Mrs F has got some chocolate cake and there was mention of Maltesers . . . I think we're partying this week.

    Sarn xxx

  4. Me again . . . did you know you have the dreaded Word Verfication on for commenting . . .it is SOOO hard to read. xxx

  5. this is gorgeous and I can see why your sister loved it. Hugs, Amanda x

  6. Amazing tiny paper piecing!! Hats off to you!

  7. Hiya Carys, love this gorgeous cake card - I'm sure your sister will too! I also absolutely adore the dress card you posted earlier - so pretty! I am now following you :) Look forward to seeing what you post in future! M x

  8. Fabulous card Carys. Your sister was lucky to have such a great card. Loving your telephone boxes background. We have a real one on our drive! Hee Hee!


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