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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Raveena's Birthday

Card number 2 for today then!
OK, I'm sensing that I could get in trouble a little for this one, as the dress obviously wasn't my creation, but Lucy Cromwell's Papermania range. But the problem was that I didn't have very much time for this one, and nor did I have very much cash, especially as I'm saving up for a sneaky little trip to Rome this summer with my sister, brother and cousin! So, instead I made something that looked a lot like Lucy's creation!

So I used a plain, light pink card, with a darker pink piece on top, I did the border with 0.5cm width strips of silver card, with a little jewel at each corner. To make the dress, I got myself a wallpaper sample and photocopied it so it wasn't so hard to fold, and used the sections with pattern on them. I cut out the pleats slightly bigger, so I could fold over the edges to make it look more like one piece of paper folded up, and just stuck a small, light pink ribbon around the waist! 

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