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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Challenge Number 6 - VALENTINES DAY

With Valentine's day coming up, and orders coming in from my Mum and Dad (yes, they want me to make the cards to give to each other!) I thought I should start making them now, and then I wouldn't have to stay up late the night before to get them finished! I was also encouraged by Di to give the Snippets Playground a go, so I thought I should combine the two!!
I got together all the bits of exciting red paper and card that I could find, and I also stamped some plain pieces of paper (the hearts on gold, and the black Winnie the Poohs on red) because although I thought I had a lot of different papers in red, it seems I may have 'over-exaggerated' my thinking!! 
I then cut out the heart shape from my main card using my new craft knife :) I cut down all my 'snippets' to size and wove them (once they decided they would behave!!) I stuck another piece of the same card behind the snippets to make the inside look more professional. I used double sided tape to stick the thin gold ribbon to the top and bottom!
Once the papers decided to behave themselves it was quite an easy card to make, although it still took a couple of hours! I think I'm going to give this one to my Mum, so she can give it to my Dad (if that makes sense!) because it seems more masculine than the other card I had in mind (Which I will post up once I've finished!) 


  1. Hi Carys,
    Great card, love clean and simple feel to it and the weaving has worked out well. Clever use of your snippets too :).

    1. Hi Carys

      Totally brilliant card, I absolutely love it - really clever to use your snippets to weave the heart. Welcome to the playground - and you get first go on the swings! Remember to peek again on Sunday when the roll call gets written up - delighted to see you playing along!

      Di xx

  2. Well done on the paper-weaving heart. I admire your patience!

    How sweet that your parents want you to make them cards to give to each other! Brilliant! x

  3. Hi Carys,
    Some gorgeous, gorgeous cards on your blog. there is a little blog award for you over at mine if you wish to accept it :).

  4. Welcome to blog land Carys! I think it's sweet that your parents want you to make them cards to give to each other! Neither will be disappointed with this one, it's absolutely beautiful!
    Hugs & Blessings

  5. Carys, I am not surprised that your parents want you to make cards for them. I have just looked down all your posts so far, and your cards are awesome. Those wardrobe cards must have taken you forever, and they are so good.It is so good to meet you here, and I am sure that you will soon venture even further into craft blogland. Looking forward to meeting you in the playground next week. xx Maggie

  6. What a brilliant way to use your snippets. I'm sure your parents will love the cards they give each other all the more because you made them for them.
    Nice to meet you in the playground. If you want to try more challenges, you should check out this one http://simplylessismoore.blogspot.com/ you'll get lots of blog visitors from there.

  7. Hello Carys

    Welcome to Blog Land.

    What a brilliant Snippet card, I love your paper weaving. I've been looking at your previous cards and they are brilliant and I know they will be well received.

  8. Thank you all for your kind messages! It's great to know that other people love my cards as much as my family :) I'm just finishing up another Valentine's Day card, and I should upload it pretty soon :) Thank you all :) x

  9. Hello Carys,
    Just been looking at your wardrobe cards. They are a really neat idea which can be adapted for any occassion. Love your little coat hangers too. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Your 'snippets' card is awesome Carys. I love the strong colours. Off to have a peep at the rest of your blog now.
    Love Sheila x

  11. Love your Snippet card Carys.

  12. Hi Carys

    I love your card.

    I have a "thing" about hearts .. .. and you have produced a beautiful woven one here.

    What great use of your snippets.

    I have been having a look around your blog. You have posted some lovely things. Your wardrobe cards are brilliant!!!

    Looking forward to seeing what else you create.

    Love Jules xx

  13. Oh my, how glamorous your woven heart is! What a great way to use up snippets. I love your wardrobe cards, too!

    Have a good half-term (and, GO WALES!)

    love Mags B x

  14. Fab card, i'll be off trying to find pieces long enough to weave now Iol!

  15. nice card, nice weaving. I'm sure your mom & dad appreciate the work you put in to it. Have a great day


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