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Monday, 20 February 2012

Henna's Birthday - February 2012

I had a brainstorming session to help me come up with the idea, with thoughts from good looking men to chocolate to food in general. I decided to go with food and thought the appropriate food would be cake, soGoogled around a bit to try and find myself an idea or two, and I came up with this:
I just used a plain, cream, 13.5x13.5 card, and used plain white card for the actual cake, with two pieces for the fancy bits around the top. The hearts on the bottom layer are just coloured in using a mixture of red pencils, and then I did the outline to them in gold pen. I didn't have any nice red hearts amongst my bits and bobs, so I had to settle with some random purple hearts, and I used PVA glue to coat them with glitter. The candles are done with a dark red paint, with thin lines of red glitter to give them some shape, and the candle flames are done with one of my favourite crafty things of all time, my glitter glue pens! I don't think they're even called that, I think they are called 3D paints or something, and I got my first set AGES ago for Christmas probably when I was about 8 or 9! Unfortunately, my set dried up, remember I was only young when I got them, and I've been searching for some more for ages, and the only ones you can find are aimed at young children, but they are amazing and really bring the cards to life!


  1. Very cute card. I'm sure she'll love it!


  2. Brilliant card Carys, I am sure your friend will be thrilled.

  3. Brilliant card Carys! I love how you use what you have on hand and make them work so well. Love you glittered hearts. I am sure your friend will be thrilled to receive this.
    Hugs & Blessings


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