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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's Day No. 2

I've had lots of people coming to see my blog this week, with special thanks to Di, who's helped venture out in to the blog world via the use of the Snippets Playground! It seems that most of the people who have popped in have made comments about my wardrobe cards, which, if they where MUCH more simple to make, I would continue making them, but I may have to leave it for a while!
Anyway, back to this post, after doing bits of this card all week, but never actually putting in the effort to finish it, I decided I should sort that out this afternoon. So, after watching the rugby, and then calming down a bit after Wales won, I headed upstairs to finish this one off and photograph it.
Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit for this one, as I did use an idea from a very handy little book that I got this Christmas called 'The Ultimate Cardmaker' and the card was called Heart of Gold. I used an edge cutter on a white card, with the same metallic gold card as the hearts are, behind it. I then just used a plain white/see through ribbon, tied it at the top and let one end fall down. I threaded on the 3 beads and put a tiny bit of PVA glue on the last bead just to make sure it didn't fall off, although they were quite tightly put on there. The othere end of the ribbon I cut short and stuck it on the inside of the card with a bit of double sided tape.
I then made an envelope using plain white thin card, rounded off the edges, and then used the same edge cutter on the envelope and stuck a bit more metallic card behind.

It was quite a simple card to make, but, as with a lot of the cards I make, I got towards the end and was scared to go on in case I ruined what I'd already done! We'll see what the reactions to the cards are on Tuesday :) 


  1. Aww it very classy, the white and gold work really well together and the edging punch you've used is lovely too :).

  2. Welcome to blogland!! I found you through Di. Isn't she great!! Your card and envelope are very sweet.


  3. Very classy!! Love that you did the envelope too! Can’t tell you how many cards I’ve tossed in the recycle bin because I messed it up at the end. Now I lay everything out and walk away for a bit before going back and gluing things in place. I now have a box full of die cuts, sentiments, bows, etc., that didn’t look right on second glace but they didn’t end up in the trash either.
    Blessings Bernie

  4. A beautiful and elegant card and envelope Carys.
    I think white and gold blend so well together. What a brilliant idea to add beads in the ribbon.

  5. Fabulous Carys! Amazed that you also made the envelope.The punched borders with gold behind make for such an elegant card and envelope - and I love the hearts and the way you did the ribbon. As Bernie says, it's often good to walk away for a while if you're unsure about something - I do a LOT of that :))

    Great to see your visitors hopping in too - all good stuff!

    Di xx


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