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Friday, 3 February 2012

Sonny - January 2012

So my last upload was of Sean's birthday card. This January my cousin and him had a baby boy called Sonny and this is the card I made to 'welcome him to the world'!
I decided to make him a card similar to the one I'd made for his Dad's Birthday, I used a baby grow and I little T-Shirt instead of the jumper and trousers, And then I did some toys that a young child would have too. I also did a large teddy instead of the golf clubs. The baby grow, T-Shirt and teddy were all raised again and yes, those are mini coat hangers that the clothes are on just as some extra detail!! 
There's a close up of the teddy bear, and you can see I just used normal coloured pencils and did the outlines in a darker brown.
 I loved making this card because of all the little parts, so cute! But, again, it took so long! It got quite tedious towards the end but I was so proud of it when I'd finished, and the little boys parents loved it too! The hard work paid off again then!


  1. Hello Carys - and welcome to Blogland! I spotted that you'd become a follower of Pixies Crafty Workshop so thought I'd repay the compliment by becoming your first follower :) Numbers will grow once people find you!

    I totally love your wardrobe cards and the hangers are a stroke of genius - really beautiful cards with a lot of work in them. I also loved Rudolph of course :)

    Keep crafting Carys - it's so great to see a young lady getting such enjoyment and producing terrific results as well!

    If you ever want to ask anything (not that I'm an expert but I've been playing with paper for a few years I guess) - my email is di_wray@hotmail.com

    Or just leave a comment on my blog - I do go to the Dashboard to check all comments so even ones on older posts are shown in date order.

    And, don't forget about the snippets playground challenge I run each week - it's fun and you can use up those little scraps of paper that we all accumulate.



  2. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at my blog! I first saw yours before Christmas and loved all you stuff, I found some good inspiration!
    Thank you for your lovely comments! And I'm sure I won't hesitate to ask if there is a question I need answering!
    I will definitely give the Snippets Playground a go when I've got some spare time!
    Carys x

  3. Ha, ha - you get a double go on the swings on your first visit to the snippets playground. And,the regulars will take you under their wings I'm sure :) Di xx

  4. Hi,
    Found your blog through Di and Crafty Snippets. I'm really enjoying looking at your cards, I would be proud of this one too. Very imaginative and very personal, all the things I love about hand made cards :).

  5. Hi Carys . . . I also found you when I visited Di's Snippet Playground.

    Happy Blogging and card making. This wardrobe card is superb. xxx

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I'm not sure how to make my blog more public and get it 'out there' a bit more, any suggestions would be very helpful!! :) x


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