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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree!

I was having a little search on Google to find some ideas for Christmas cards, and came across this website, with a lovely book tree!

So I found one of my Dad's books that he didn't like because the ending was rubbish, and followed the simple instructions on how to make it! So I sliced out a thirty page section of the book, and fold each page into a triangle shape, whilst still glued at the spine. I didn't cut the corner off but you can if you wish. I then repeated this with another set of thirty pages and used some strong double sided tape that I had to hand to stick the two halves together. Finally (which you can't really see!) I used silver paint to go over the edges of the pages, so it now glitters a bit, and made a small cylinder out of silver card to stand it on. A really simple bit of origami to make a lovely little decoration :)

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  1. So sweet! You could make your own winter scene with a few of these.


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