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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wedding Card

My Grandma's off to a wedding on the weekend, and asked me to whip up a card for her to give, as she found it difficult to find a nice one in the shops. So here's what I came up with:
It took a little over forever to make this one, especially when I found out my gold pen had turned bright orange! I found a website selling photoframes that looked like this, and it gave me the inspiration, and since I don't know the couple, the invitation was all I had to go on! I cut the shapes of the rose out of the white square card, and cut the square out of the middle. I then used up some nice purple snippets (I'm putting on my coat and heading off to the Playground as we speak) and stuck them behind the cut outs to show them through the spaces - which took an unbelievable amount of time! I finished it off with a brand new gold pen, putting a thin border round the edge, drawing the stems and writing in the middle.
Although it took so long, I was pretty proud of the outcome, let's hope the bride and groom like it too :)


  1. I'm sure they'll love it Carys, It's lovely!

  2. Wow Carys, this is sure to be a hit. Love the way you cut those roses - really clever with a fabulous result. Good to see you in the Playground - but please don't be cajoled by the others into making Christmas paper cahins - yet! I'm only just getting over the mayhem of their bonfire party :( Di xx

  3. Errr - that should have been paper chains of course!


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