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Sunday, 11 November 2012

G'ma's Birthday 2012

Summer feels like such a long time ago now, but I haven't been organised enough to post for a while. I made this one in July for my Grandma's birthday, because she's always in the garden!

The background is plain green card, and I used cream paper to back the individual sections. I used 10mm fringed quilling paper for the orange flowers, and tightly curled 3mm yellow paper inside the heads. I stuck green quilling paper on its side for the stems and collected them neatly under the pot. For the seedlings I used 3mm brown paper made into a square, and two tear shaped green quills, surrounding a piece of green paper again on its side. The spade is a 2cm piece of paper rolled up with a 3mm stuck underneath, followed by a piece of silver card folded up at the sides for the head of the spade. The packet is just a piece of paper with seeds drawn on with pen.
Lots of quite simple parts that added up to make a card my Grandma loved :)

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  1. Super card and so cleverly made Carys. And I bet you used up some snippets in the process :) Di xx


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