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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sean's Birthday 2012

Among all the Christmas cards, there's also quite a few birthdays this time of year, which I find very hard to make once I'm in the Christmas mood!

I haven't got so much time this year, so it's not quite to the scale of the card I made last year  but there we go!
I used a blank card and coated it wit yellow paper, and then put a square of black card over the top. I cut the beer glass shape from plain white card, and stuck yellow rectangles on top of that. I then cut some different sized circles from the white card and coloured in the edges with felt tips, before gluing them on top to finish!

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  1. Oh, you clever little crafter Carys - you truly do come up with some super ideas, I love this card! Hugs, Di xx


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